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Why to Choose Us?

Dazzle Technologies is differentiated as a company offering a complete portfolio of services spreading across BPM (Business Process Management), Software Development (In Open source & Proprietary platforms) and Third Party Testing solutions (with Systems & Support). Dazzle Technologies facilitates effective and efficient solution delivery in the On site-Off site models for the customer, optimized to his business and technology challenges. We have a demonstrated breadth of successful solution delivery records across multiple Industries leading Technologies and emerging domains.

Some Highlights of our credentials:

  • Industry standard Design-to- Delivery processes supported by hosted Platforms for persistent visibility and interfacing for the customer
  • Deep Multi-Domain Business Exposure as part of BPM projects
  • Business Process Analysis driven Requirements Modeling
  • Strong ground in Web 2.0 Technologies & Web Services
  • Strong QA Services Organization with unique internal QA model

Our Expertise

Our professionals have extensive training and a deep understanding of different industry-related requirements for web application development and software engineering. Therefore, here at dazzle, we offer your company not just software consulting and web development service, but a full range of custom software development services that will fit your business needs and budget.


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Being Innovative in each and every single piece of development, being filled with talented industry and domain experts, Dazzle Technologies helps you to bring up software solutions with world class quality and with end to end solutions filled with creativity, you will have a totally new experience with Dazzle Technologies !!! Readmore

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InDesgin crew is a team of highly skilled Web technology professionals who have combined both their specific and broad expertise in numerous areas of the ever-expanding world of World Wide Web in order to offer our valued clients the latest and most comprehensive Web solutions so as to increase their business efficiency.

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