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Business Process Management (BPM)

A Business Process Management Software will be an unavoidable facet in any growing business organization that needs fast paced fine-tuning of application processes to respond to business dynamics.

Business Process Management Solutions advance a flexible framework that resides on top of the core application layer enabling rapid modeling, manipulation and optimization of enterprise business process flows and patterns.

Technologically dependent on an underlying SOA based Core components; Business Process Management Solutions provide a top-down, process centric approach giving every level of the organization a deeper and broader insight into the manner in which business is being conducted.

The Business Process Management Software will also be a layer of abstraction that sits on top of the existing environment to connect systems and people with no need to hard code changes into the existing environment. A process owner can now manage an end-to-end process that uses multiple legacy systems and gain much better control.

dazzle tec is a technology partner for the leading BPM Suite, Cordys. Through Cordys, dazzle tec offers its clients an industry-leading BPM Suite, which will enable them to design, execute, monitor and improve business processes across heterogeneous systems and applications.

The Cordys BPM Suite allows clients to rely on one Business Process Management Software that can efficiently create process-centric composite applications and maintain them throughout their lifecycle without worrying about the underlying workflow, semantics, user rules and applications.

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