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Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Enterprise data management depends on an integrated data architecture that facilitates the retrieval, analysis and manipulation of data across all functions, business units and several applications. However in today's environment the information is scattered across multiple applications and diversified platforms and most organizations face the challenge of getting meaningful information from many different sources of data. To accomplish an integrated data architecture organizations require sophisticated reporting and BI tools in order to make the most of the available data. But having the right BI tool is only one step in process and requires an efficient foundation for handling the data architecture and creating efficient way to store and handle data across the enterprise process continues to be a challenge aspect.

dazzle tec's Data Management Service provide innovative enterprise solutions that will suit the needs of any organization with the information needs for better decision making to increase the business performance. Our skills include data governance, data integration, data quality, master data management, data architecture, design, development and maintenance. Our proven methodologies and industry-leading tools and using innovative approaches for each service transform the disparate data into actionable information.

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