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Business Intelligence (BI)

Communicating an organization's business knowledge to its associates and partners is essential for its success. We help you to transform your business knowledge into business intelligence. The ability to collect and analyze internal and external data can dictate how well an organization can generate knowledge and ultimately value. BI promises to be rich in possibilities. Better performance management, profitability and overall spending management, along with efficiency and productivity management initiatives are driving BI usage. It’s primarily used as a part of a CRM solution for better customer relationship management, customer satisfaction, acquisition and retention.

Dazzle Technologies BI is a professional services organization focused solely on helping companies integrate data into an easy to use, single platform so that users can perform meaningful analysis. Our specialty and mission is building customized business intelligence applications that allow you to leverage the potential wealth of information contained in your corporate data.

The strength of our BI lies in its talented pool of experienced software engineers from the top notch technical and research institutes in the country. We offer you dedicated knowledge transfer services, documentation and training at all stages of the project, right from initial specification to the final delivery and also during maintenance/upgrade.

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