Social Media Usage in the Middle East - An Infographic
Posted By : Amy El Hosam

In the Middle East, 88 percent of the population who use the internet use social networking sites every day.

According to this infographic by Go-Gulf, there is an estimated 58 million users of Facebook in the Middle East. This is the biggest number of users of any social network in the region as only 6.5 million and 5.8 million are estimated to be using Twitter and LinkedIn respectively.

48% people communicate in English followed by 45% in Arabic....

Social Media Trending in Education in the Middle East
Posted By : Amy El Hosam

A recent survey conducted by the Dubai School of Government gives insight on perception of social media usage for educational purposes in the Middle East. The survey found that people in public schools (and people with children in public schools) were less satisfied with the level of technology i...

Traditional v/s Online Media - How Do People in the Middle East Use this?
Posted By : Ameen Aksar

Researchers surveyed 9,693 adults in eight Arab countries – Egypt, Qatar, Tunisia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the UAE – shedding light on how people in the region use media, and whether they trust their sources of information....

Payment Gateways in the Middle East
Posted By : Ameen Aksar

This year at the COE E-commerce conference held in Jordan, the CEO of said that about 50% of online orders are cash on delivery (COD) in the region. He said that in order to build a brand that customers trust, you must offer COD. ...



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